Milestome 6.1.0: T_FIRMWARE_6.0.15
2019-12-08 6.0.15 (Release)
autoupdate                - control autoupdate by registrator server
gui-system                - remove obsolet type 'server'
                          - make community "Tharandt" available
wifi                      - add 2.4/5GHz radio detection
                          - add 5GHz gui
                          - add ath-dynack for some devices to speed up wifi connection
opkg                      - rework path detection for downloading sw packages
geoloc                    - add config to ignore specific access points 
                            (may be used for mobile nodes which get internet from LTE router)
openwrt                   - change build system to create firmware for low memory/flash devices
                            on different openwrt versions

2019-11-09 6.0.13 (Testing)
--------------------------------------------------                  - more improvments
openwrt                   - update 18.06 and 19.07 (different targets)
                          - ar71xx tiny stick to updated 18.06
openvpn                   - add support to upload openvpn.conf file when this file contains all certificates
                          - remove syslog errors incase no certs are installed
                          - fix config issue for airvpn certificates
traffic-shaping           - removed, because it was never used
mesh-on-wan               - fix mesh-on-wan
                          - speed up meshing for wan interface
statistic-internal        - fix adding firewall statistic rules for non-existing interfaces
gui:network               - display all interfaces (including disabled)
wifi                      - change ssid to no-inet also for 5GHz radio
nameserver                - add new support for second freifunk DNS (including gui)
reboot                    - add syncing filesystem before rebooting to ensure that configs are written
backbone                  - update some libraries for fastd for more stability
version                   - add more infos on firmware version to gui:system
new devices               - add new devices (fritzbox, Netgear, WR1200js)

2019-07-30 6.0.9 (Testing)
18.06.2                   - update openwrt, rename lede to openwrt
gui-contact               - add way to click into the map to set marker
gui-network               - add switch status
gui-processes             - display process tree
wifi                      - prepare 5GHz support
build scripts             - improve build script, add build.json for configuration
upload scripts            - integrate upload scripts to generate directory structure for download server
lte                       - add target GL.iNet gl-mifi (lte router)
gui-lte                   - add minimal SIM-Card / modem configuration
sysinfo                   - add network interface connection status
mobile geoloc             - add automatic location update
gateway detection         - fix gateway detection
gui meshviewer            - add link to meshviewer