Commit d2a44215 authored by Stephan's avatar Stephan
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Merge branch 'patch-mesh-sleep' into 'master'

Update enable mesh_sleep on upgrade

See merge request !111
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......@@ -523,6 +523,7 @@ upgrade_6_4_5()
uci set credentials.url.firmware_download_release="$(uci -c /rom/etc/config get credentials.url.firmware_download_release)"
uci set credentials.url.firmware_download_testing="$(uci -c /rom/etc/config get credentials.url.firmware_download_testing)"
uci set credentials.registration.register_service_url="$(uci -c /rom/etc/config get credentials.registration.register_service_url)"
uci set ddmesh.system.mesh_sleep='1'
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