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to 18.06. Allerdings fehlt WIFI

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......@@ -106,7 +106,19 @@
"openwrt_rev":"f6de1fa6c6b69ac6282f453f61c894695d11f433", # 18.06 01-09-2019
"selector-config":"18.06", # used to select config
"selector-files":"dummy", # used to select files
"selector-feeds":"18.06", # used to select feeds
"selector-patches":"18.06", # used to select patches
"feeds" : [
{"type":"src-link", "name":"ddmesh_own", "src":"feeds-own" },
{"type":"src-git", "name":"packages", "src":"", "rev":"de3766173"},
{"type":"src-git", "name":"luci", "src":"", "rev":"204293a76"},
{"type":"src-git", "name":"routing", "src":"", "rev":"ff5100e"},
{"type":"src-git", "name":"telephony", "src":"", "rev":"9167e30"}
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