Commit a2e29174 authored by Stephan's avatar Stephan

- replace hard-coded interface name

- remove " from within path. keep complete path in one "path/file", because it is much better to read and also protects any spaces (which shouldnt be use for file names anyway )
parent e47db2b2
#!/usr/bin/env bash
VERSION='uci V1.0'
VERSION='uci V1.1'
......@@ -48,25 +48,20 @@ start_wg()
# create interface
printf 'create wireguard interface [%s]\n' "$wg_ifname"
echo ip link add "$wg_ifname" type wireguard
ip link add "$wg_ifname" type wireguard
echo ip addr add "$local_wireguard_ip/32" dev "$wg_ifname"
ip addr add "$local_wireguard_ip/32" dev "$wg_ifname"
echo wg set "$wg_ifname" private-key "$secret_file"
wg set "$wg_ifname" private-key "$secret_file"
echo wg set "$wg_ifname" listen-port "$port"
wg set "$wg_ifname" listen-port "$port"
echo ip link set "$wg_ifname" up
ip link set "$wg_ifname" up
rm "$secret_file"
ip rule add to table main prio 304
ip route add dev tbb_wg src "$local_wireguard_ip"
ip route add dev "$wg_ifname" src "$local_wireguard_ip"
WAN_DEV="$(uci get ffdd.sys.ifname)"
iptables -w -D INPUT -i "$WAN_DEV" -p udp --dport "$port" -j ACCEPT
iptables -w -I INPUT -i "$WAN_DEV" -p udp --dport "$port" -j ACCEPT
iptables -w -D INPUT -i tbb_wg+ -j ACCEPT
iptables -w -I INPUT -i tbb_wg+ -j ACCEPT
iptables -w -D INPUT -i "$wg_ifname+" -j ACCEPT
iptables -w -I INPUT -i "$wg_ifname+" -j ACCEPT
......@@ -107,8 +102,8 @@ accept_peer()
bmxd -c dev="$sub_ifname" /linklayer 1
if [ "$store" = "1" ]; then
echo "node $node" > "$peers_dir"/accept_"$node"
echo "key $key" >> "$peers_dir"/accept_"$node"
echo "node $node" > "$peers_dir/accept_$node"
echo "key $key" >> "$peers_dir/accept_$node"
......@@ -116,8 +111,8 @@ remove_peer()
wg set tbb_wg peer "$key" remove
rm "$peers_dir"/accept_"$node"
wg set "$wg_ifname" peer "$key" remove
rm "$peers_dir/accept_$node"
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